Having gathered a long term experience in plastic items production, ITIB envisages a main term of reference for extrusion production of flexible corrugated pipes and blow moulded technical items. Innovation is ITIB company’s philosophy: results of continuous material and methods research are immediately considered and exploited as are the experience and field feedbacks.

ITIB can offer a range of extruded and blow moulded items, at forefront and state of art of current technology, as per customer request. The best results are obtained through continuous update of production equipments, and synergy with Fara Group companies, operating in machinery design and manufacturing.


Due to a long term knowledge of blow moulding technology, and expertise in complete systems assembly, ITIB features as a reliable supply partner for automotive and general purpose components, as:

  • Air ducting
  • Windcreen washing liquid tanks
  • Accumulator jars
  • Fuel tanks
  • Oil reservoirs

Through a well set know how on flexible pipe extrusion and overmoulding of joint fittings, ITIB
can fulfill the most precise requests for:

  • Corrugated pipes for wiring
  • Corrugated pipes for house appliances
  • Corrugated pipes for medical applications
  • Corrugated pipes for suction and ventilation
  • Corrugated pipes for air ducting
  • Corrugated pipes for furnishing
  • Double wall pipes